The popularity of the social network TikTok grows like a foam, even rivaling other major platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. If you are one of those who want to grow quickly on this fun platform and buy TikTok followers, we invite you to take a look at this note.

Is it possible to buy TikTok followers?

First of all, buying followers on social networks is an activity that attracts the attention of many people and companies. However, you don’t have to worry, here we are to explain it. And it is that this consists of acquiring followers through different applications. These followers have a cost, which can increase or decrease depending on the amount purchased.

Sounds easy enough, right? In fact, it can be! But there is a small problem, and that is that these followers are not real people. Therefore, when you buy followers, usually you can only grow the number of them, not the quality.

In other words, an account can have more than 1,000 followers, but of those 1,000, only 10, 15 or 20 interact with the publications. At first glance, this does not seem to be a problem. But the problem comes when the platform -TikTok, in this case- realizes that your followers are actually bots that do not cause real development to the social network.

Why do social networks prioritize real followers?

Social media not only needs numbers, they also require people to interact with each other and share content. When they don’t, platform growth stalls. This small detail has been the cause of various inconveniences and policy changes on Twitter and Instagram, to name a few cases.

This virtual phenomenon even affected the personal accounts of various highly recognized artists and personalities, such as the American singers Miley Cyrus, Jennifer López and Tylor Swift.

In this sense, not even the big commercial brands are far from buying bots. For example, during 2014, when Instagram decided to delete a huge number of false or inactive accounts, different sportswear firms, internationally famous, saw their number of followers plummet without being able to avoid it.

However, the purchase of followers continues to be an important part of the world of the RRSS, and it does not seem that it will disappear in the short term. With this in mind, we will discuss everything you need to do and know to be successful in your goal of buying followers on TikTok.

What is TikTok?

If you have in mind to make a purchase of followers, then it is more than necessary to know what TikTok is, an app available for iOS and Android.

In short, it is the social network of the moment, a new symbol of the Centennial Generation that has achieved what was seen as impossible a few years ago, displacing Snapchat and YouTube as the most downloaded video platform on mobile phones worldwide. world.

But on TikTok, unlike YouTube, you won’t find extensive videos. In fact, on TikTok the videos have a maximum duration of one minute. That is why, in this small temporary space, users of this social network can record themselves doing almost anything.

Thus, in TikTok they are popular music videos, challenges or challenges and mood. In addition, one of the great advantages of TikTok is that it allows you to make use of songs that are already famous, and in this way different types of videos are quickly made viral.

This feature lives up to its original name which is Douyin, an expression of Chinese origin meaning “shake the music.” In fact, China is the native country of this application that was launched on the market in 2016, and is still known there as Douyin.

Regarding statistical data, we can say that TikTok:

It has more than 1 billion downloads.It is in the Top Ten of the most used applications of the year 2019.It is very popular with young people between the ages of 16 and 25.It is available in more than 70 languages.At least 80% of its users have published a video and its use as a marketing platform is growing by leaps and bounds.

Knowing how to buy TikTok followers

On TikTok, a user’s popularity is measured in two ways. One is for the number of followers your channel has, and another is for the number of views your videos have. To be more popular and increase your followers by buying followers, you should know that:

1. You need a provider

The distribution chain is one of the pillars of marketing, and buying TikTok visits  is no exception to this rule. Their followers have to come from somewhere, and the online stores that specialize in this area are Quick Fix, Influencive, GlobalFollowers and StormLikes. Each one has different offers and means of payment, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

2. There is a method

Buying followers is an action plan that must be properly constructed. You need to know what kind of followers you want. Do you need them immediately or can they appear little by little? How much are you willing to pay for your followers? Take a good look at the online stores of your choice, and make sure they are safe, reliable and, most importantly, legitimate.

3. There are some risks

As in any marketing adventure, there are variables that are not very flattering. In this case, they play against some factors that must be taken into account. TikTok may remove followers that they consider to be bots, or the store that sells them may disappear along with them. In both cases, your real followers could notice the fake ones, causing your channel to lose credibility. Either way, these risks are present for anyone who uses the follower purchase.

4. You have to pay for them

Yes, it may seem very obvious, but many people try to skip the most important step. You can hardly acquire the number of followers you aspire to have if you do not pay for them. 

Fortunately, the various payment methods provide many facilities. In most virtual stores you can buy followers with a credit card, coins from the same store, cryptocurrencies, PayPal and bank transfers.

Remember that, inevitably, you will have to give personal bank details, as well as the username of your TikTok account to the store if you want to have a high number of followers through a purchase.

What to expect after buying TikTok followers?

Previously, we mentioned that having many followers does not mean that they will interact with your account. Don’t forget that in many cases these are artificial bots and accounts, and online stores that offer “organic followers”  or “100% real” are usually not to be trusted.

So don’t expect the number of “likes”, “shares” or comments to grow along with the number of followers. This can be a huge disappointment to those who expected their accounts or channels on TikTok to develop in every way.

Likewise, the popularity of an account may increase depending on the number of followers, but real followers may lose interest if they notice the difference between interactions and the number of followers.

For this reason, some stores offer interaction services, but these are usually more expensive and rarely of quality. A content creator, regardless of platform, may be disappointed if they see that their videos aren’t getting the interactions they want, especially if the number of followers that content creator has is huge.

To avoid such disappointments, it is important to remember that purchased followers are, for the most part, fake. And fake followers act like Make Up, they are there to make the account look more attractive or influential than it really is.

Conclusions on the topic

If for you the interactions are not important and you only want to stand out for the number of followers, then there is no problem, the make up will be perfect in these cases. If not, then it’s time to prepare to create a true virtual identity through hard work. To do this, you must interact with your target audience.

In short, loyal, true followers who are willing to consume your content do not appear on their own, you have to attract them and keep them interested so that, over time, they stop being just followers and become fans.

Remember that fake followers are difficult to hide or hide in the long run. Names made up of random letters or numbers, the lack of publications and stories, and their linguistic or geographical incompatibility with the page that follows betrays them.

In conclusion, a different option to buy TikTok followers is to use a paid app that will regulate and schedule your publications on the platform, and although growth at first may seem slow, it will end up being a more profitable investment for you.