LinkedIn is the main social network in the world focused on the world of work, with millions of people from all corners of the planet present in it who publicly display all their work experience and training.

With more than 200 million active users per month, the platform is also a place to maintain contacts and establish relationships, it is much more than a place where CVs can be found and therefore you have to know  how to get the most out of it. possible to LinkedIn.

Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

Taking into account the above, it is very important to take into account different aspects related to the platform, so we are going to give you a series of tips that you must keep in mind to improve your profile on the platform.

Choosing your LinkedIn name

Regarding your name in the professional social network, it is advisable that you only choose to put your  name and surnames in the corresponding fields for it. A common mistake among many people is to take advantage of that space to put other additional information such as their email address, phone or website.

If you overload this field, what you will be doing is harming the search engines, something to keep in mind since LinkedIn profiles are also indexed by Google. In this way, you will be affecting your positioning within the search engine.

Choosing the profile picture

When placing your profile photo you should look for a  professional photo. It is always better that you appear with a smile than with a serious face and also that it is a close-up rather than a full body.

You should also avoid using logos as a profile photo, since people have shown that they like to talk to another person more and that is transmitted through the photo. If you put a photo of yourself, the person on the other side will feel a greater sense of closeness, which is always positive in view of the closeness between the two.

Use a custom URL

Another tip to keep in mind when using the platform is to opt for the use of a  custom URL, so try to take advantage of this feature to make it unique and as easy to remember as possible. It is advisable that it is made up of the first and last name and that it is as simple as possible.

In addition to making it easier to find and remember you, it will also help you if what you are looking for is to position your own personal brand on the net.

Get recommendations

A very important point to keep in mind within the social platform of the world of work is trying to  get recommendations from people of reference or for those who have worked or maintained some type of employment relationship.

To do this, it is advisable that you choose to add some type of request to the list of your services or skills so that the other person who receives it can quickly write a recommendation. In order for your LinkedIn profile to be considered complete by the platform, you must have at least three recommendations, although you can always try to get an additional one, which will help you to improve your profile.

Use LinkedIn groups

On  LinkedIn there is also space for groups, being advisable to try to find the best ones that correspond to your activity and professional sector. Join both the most general and popular and the smallest totally focused on your niche.

This is an advantage, since in addition to having conversations with other members who are part of the same group, you can also contact all of them. Also, if you have enough time for its management, it is advisable that you create your own group.

Publish content of interest

LinkedIn is much more than a simple CV available online for all users, it is a portal where you can find quality information, search for employees, search for clients.

For all this it is essential that you try to  publish content of interest, both in the groups and in the rest of the updates that you make in your profile. In this way you should avoid SPAM and irrelevant content and focus on those that really arouse interest among users.

Use keywords

To improve your LinkedIn profile, it is advisable to determine your  keywords, the ones that can best define your profile, as well as your knowledge and skills, so that you can distribute them throughout your profile.

This will help you in the face of the platform’s internal search engine, making it possible for people interested in those terms, themes or sectors to reach you.

Use appropriate language

When expressing yourself on this social network, you must  use an appropriate language and tone that are appropriate to the professional field, since it is a professional network, so you must behave as such and avoid the language you frequently use in other platforms like Instagram or Twitter to show your more professional side.

Company Pages

If you do not have a  company page on LinkedIn you must create it, since it has great potential to try to achieve new contacts, a place that serves as a perfect showcase for your business. If you work well on it, it can be a perfect place to reach potential clients and thus increase your number of sales.

Business pages have great potential and should be squeezed for business.

LinkedIn suggestions

Finally, we must bear in mind that  LinkedIn  offers us suggestions for profiles. You should try to take advantage of it to try to expand your network of contacts with those people with whom you can establish professional or commercial ties. The broader your network, the better, since you will be in contact with a greater number of people, it being preferable that they are in your sector.