Creating a Facebook store is an excellent option for a large number of businesses and companies, since it can display and sell all kinds of products. Adding a store to a Facebook page will allow your customers and potential customers to send you messages directly to have more information about the products that interest them. In the same way, you can also add an option that makes them access another web page where they can carry out the purchase.

Having a store of this type on Facebook is highly recommended for any business, since it is one more way of having the perfect visibility to be able to reach a greater number of people, in addition to offering more information to all those people who may be interested in the type of product you market.

So, in addition to being a place to provide information, it will also serve you to show more adequate customer service and to be closer to your customers, in addition to maintaining a closer relationship. This is key to achieving success and trying to make your business continue to grow until reaching the goals set.

How to create a store to sell on your Facebook page

If you are interested in it and want to know how to create a store to sell on your Facebook page, the process you must follow is very simple. In any case, next we are going to explain what you must do for it, so that it will be even easier for you to equip your Facebook page with an integrated store.

To do this you just have to access your Facebook page, where you can find the Store tab. It may be the case that you do not see this tab, for which it will be necessary to  change the template of your page to a store template.

Regarding the latter, you should know that the page templates include tabs and buttons that are designed for different types of pages. You can change the page template at any time, following these steps:

You need to do this in your business Facebook page

First, you should go to the business’s Facebook page, where you will have to click on  Edit information, an option that you will find in the left bar of the page, where all the information related to your business is displayed. After clicking on  Edit information you must click on  Templates and Tabs, an option that is located just under  Information on the page, also in the menu on the left. There you will find a page like the following:

In it you will have to click on  Edit in the current Plantilla button, which will make you see different options. You must select the Purchases  option  and finally  Apply template.

After going to this tab you will find that you must accept the corresponding terms and conditions. Then you will have the possibility to choose Message so that your customers can send you messages about the products that interest them or choose to pay on another website to direct them to another website where you want them to make their purchase. Then click continue.

This will make you have to choose the currency you want to use and  it will be applied to all products. Also it cannot be changed unless you decide to delete the store and create a new one. Finally click on  Save and you will have created and configured your store.

At that time you will only have to dedicate yourself to adding the products to the store to make them available to all those people who are interested in their purchase.

When creating the products, you should bear in mind that they may not be added directly, but a message will appear indicating that it is “In process”. This is because it must undergo validation by the social platform itself.

This must be kept in mind. In any case, you should also know that only your customers will be able to see your store on your company’s Facebook page in those cases where there is at least one approved product. Therefore, you will have to wait for them to be approved by the platform for this integrated store to become available on your Facebook page.

As we have indicated, it is a very good option to generate more contact with customers, whether you decide to make them go to your main website to make the purchase of the product that interests them or if you choose to send them a message with more information.

This function is focused so that any business can make use of it. This is useful both for those stores that already have a presence on the network and for which it will be more practical and direct to refer the person to the particular product of your store; as for those people who sell their products through social networks, without an online store, and who are looking for sales through direct messages.

These last businesses tend to be those that have to do with manual activities, although although it is true that many entrepreneurs decide to take their first steps through this method, in case everything works as expected, make the leap to a Online store.

In fact, starting with selling through social networks instead of setting up an e-commerce is a very important option to consider when starting a business, especially since the investment will be minimal or nil. Anyone can create an account on social networks for the sale of any product or service.

For a few beginnings it can be a good option to try to establish a clientele and start from the bottom to try to end up achieving success. For this we recommend you continue visiting our website, where you can learn different tricks and tips to achieve it.