When you generate ideas to post on Instagram, you’re not just trying to upload photos of your brand or business.

You have to learn how to post to Instagram effectively, with strategy, to show a homogeneous brand and with a  well-defined Social Media Marketing strategy.

Upload photos or upload videos to Instagram, that’s easy.

The difficult thing is to transmit the brand’s values, values  that bring it closer to the consumer, humanize it and make it closer to its target audience.

Throughout this article, we are going to see 10 ideas to post on Instagram for when you are without resources, to overcome those moments where you do not know what to post on Social Networks and need a little push.

Keys to success and ideas to post your photos and videos on Instagram

If you do not know what to post on Instagram, you are blocked, you are a community manager but you are blank and you are looking for a way out, here are some tips that will come in handy to add to your actions defined in the Social Media Plan.

It is key that you incorporate these ideas into your Social Media strategy, in your Editorial Calendar.

Let’s go for it:

Find the best light for your photos on Instagram

Light is important in photography and on Instagram it was not going to be less.

Don’t take the typical sunset or sunrise photo.

Search, wait for the moment, to capture that light that will make the difference between a good photo and a very good photo.

Humanize your photos

People like to see people, it’s a fact, so add people to your Instagram photos.

It can be a person with his back, or a group of people in an attractive environment, a tiny figure in front of an enveloping landscape, whatever.

But make sure that people often appear in your photos, think about the frame before posting on Instagram and surprise.

Find the detail

A photo may be good but similar to others we have seen from the same location.

Be original by posting to Instagram.

Add something that gives that different touch to your photos and create your own style.

Make them live the brand

Of course, photos on Instagram have to go through the app to reach the public.

Emotional Marketing is essential to grow in this Social Network.

Make feel what you feel, what you live, the unique moment that empathizes with the audience, either because they have felt something similar, or because they would like to have it.

Create moments

A car is a car.

We go to the web and we know what extras it has, its characteristics, colors, etc., but we don’t want that.

We want to imagine how we would drive it, with whom we would share the good moments of our trips behind the wheel, etc.

Show the product

And if you upload a video to Instagram better because the reproductions shoot and the publication has more performance than the average.

The product is simple, but the difference is in the way of telling it.

Discover the benefits of your product or service

The public already knows what you sell, your product or service but wants something different.

To follow a brand they are looking for something else, an extra originality.

So link what you do to the benefits it produces to your target audience and make a difference.

Associate what you sell to your target audience

It has always been said that an image is worth a thousand words, right?

Well, use the force of a photo on Instagram to associate the product with the target audience that is going to consume it.

Make a brand diary

You have to think of using Instagram as a visual diary of your brand.

Discuss the day-to-day, what happens, the backstage of your brand on Instagram and tell your audience what is not usually known and seen.

Take advantage of the repost on Instagram

What better than a satisfied customer to make a brand for you?

Referral marketing is one of the most effective content strategies on Instagram.

A repost on Instagram empathizes with your audience and loyalty.