Gaining visibility Instagram on Instagram is the hard battle that every good user intends to achieve. However, it is not an easy trick if the algorithm of this popular social network is unknown.

There are several ways to get engagement on Instagram and we are going to tell you about them right now.

Use Instagram stories

Every day there are more than 300,000 million active users using stories and taking advantage of their potential to communicate. The clever algorithm of Instagram takes into account the power of this tool and takes it into account to generate that flow of activity that we need to gain visibility on Instagram.

If you interact with users through stories, your posts in the feed will be rewarded over time.

What is the best time to post?

There are many programs that measure this data, like Metricool, for example.

Instagram also produces a statistics report  where the hours with the most activity appear among your followers, although only in the company profile.

If you want to have more visibility on Instagram you have to take this data into account.

We are going to jump into the pool to recommend that you do not post on Sundays and that you do so on Thursdays. Generally, these days are the ones with the least  and the most engagement on Instagram, respectively.

As for the time, at noon and at night before dinner.

Keep in mind that these recommendations do not apply to all profiles and that it is always better to analyze your own statistics. Post at your best hours to gain visibility on Instagram by leaps and bounds.

Do you leave comments or do they leave you?

Both are important to Instagram’s algorithm. Do you want to gain visibility on Instagram? Well, you also have to participate in the process of visiting other users.

But not only that, leave your comments and respond to everyone who leaves you . With this feedback you will generate that engagement that will make it more visible to the rest of the world.

Create content that encourages participation

For example, post a phrase that sparks a debate or ask a question  to motivate an answer.

Try to think of ways to get that reaction from your audience so that the flow of activity that the Instagram algorithm likes so much is created. In this way you will also gain visibility on Instagram without realizing it.