Let me guess: you care a lot (but a lot) about the number of followers on your profile. You already know you’re not alone in this, right?

The more the Instagram community grows, the more the ideal number of followers increases. To give you an idea, in recent years, the social network has added 100 million users in an average of five months.

Within this scenario, the number of followers can be seen as social proof, credibility and even the reason for a customer to close a purchase or not. And that is why the brands and companies of the chain end up taking extreme decisions to increase that number at any cost.

But is it really worth buying followers on Instagram? What are the real consequences of this for your profile? That’s what we’re going to explain in this article!

Reasons for not buying followers on Instagram

Yes, let’s start this text by clearly stating our opinion: there are several reasons why you should not buy followers on Instagram.

At first glance, it may seem very opportune to pay little money and see your profile “grow” easily. But the truth is that, in the long run, this practice can generate much greater losses for your brand. We list them here:

  • Your account will be followed by fake profiles
  • Buying followers will fill your profile… with ghost accounts.

Yes. The platforms that promise to give you thousands of followers in a few hours have a huge base of fake accounts to make this system work.

At first you may find that there is no problem with that. But having multiple fake accounts following you will create a huge difference between the number of followers and the engagement you receive. That’s what happens with accounts that have 10,000 followers and only 200 likes on each post, for example.

This is not just a number problem, as it can directly impact your image with the public. Those who visit an account with many followers and little engagement can attribute this factor to a failure in the product or a service that is not so good.

In addition, you will have the feeling that you are getting the message across to all those people, when in fact your message is impacting a very small portion of that whole.

You will speak to the walls

By making buying followers a frequent practice and your only way to inflate your profile, you won’t be talking to virtually anyone. Those profiles were not won, you are not passing your message on to someone interested in what you have to say.

Let’s think about your goal as a brand: what do you want to achieve with an Instagram profile? I imagine you want visibility, a customer relationship channel or even get new customers.

By buying fake profiles you will be going far from achieving any of these goals. To truly grow on Instagram, you need to gain real followers and buying followers cannot give you that.

Your brand can lose credibility

Real users who find their profile on Instagram can immediately use a tool to buy followers. And the problem with that is in consistency: if he realizes that you have circumvented the rules of Instagram to increase the number of followers, who assures him that you will not choose the same path for other actions of your company?

You have to be reasonable in your choices within Instagram as well. And buying followers isn’t exactly the best option that a serious company would choose.

Instagram’s algorithm devalues  your content

Instagram’s algorithm is frequently updated based on an essential principle: the user experience. The platform collects data based on our interactions, who we follow, what we like and what we comment on. With this data, Instagram is able to create even more personalized feeds and tabs, with “our face”.

What happens with profiles that have a lot of fake followers is that these accounts will never interact with the content created. Therefore, they will not engage with any post and Instagram will understand that what that account creates is not relevant, even for real followers.

When we talk about well-positioned content, we refer to the number of people who were impacted by that post and ended up interacting, enjoying and commenting. That is, when there is little interaction, this content will be constantly devalued by the algorithm and can be depreciated in the feeds of the real followers.

In the end, you may still miss an opportunity to send your message to the people who truly accompany you.

Instagram can penalize you

Buying followers can be a problem to be faced between you and Instagram itself!

As I said above, the social network is always thinking about how to improve the experience of real users. That’s why Instagram has been trying to eliminate fake platform profiles for a while. In the last clean they did, who ended up suffering with the measure were the singers Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

And the next one could be you. Have you thought about spending money to see all the work going down the drain later?

There are other more important metrics

The number of followers is just one of the metrics you need to be concerned about. And at the end of the day, that number doesn’t say a lot of things, it just allows you to have some privileges within Instagram, like placing links in stories, for example. But what is the point of having these privileges and having no real people to interact with them?

Other data available on the network says much more about its performance than the number of followers. To understand how your profile is doing, create a Business Account and use Instagram Insights. There, you can collect data such as visits to the profile, clicks on the site, reach, impressions. Anyway! Metrics that will tell you much more than the simple amount of people who are following you.

If you were in doubt or do not know how to take advantage of this data, we made a super complete article to teach you how to use each one of them. Access the text by clicking here!


The follower that is worth having on your profile is the one who is really interested in what you have to say. Working with a brand on social media is an effort that generates results in the medium and long term, but when you have grown in numbers of followers and interactions, you will have actually grown.